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LED Lamp ET8-1150 (2 Pack)


This unique direct replacement T8-class tube lamp delivers a superior level of brightness while also reducing your overall energy costs and providing ideal heat and light dissipation. The bulbs have an estimated lifetime of 50,000 hours, double the lifetime of many comparable lamps, and come with a five-year warranty. They are an ideal replacement for fluorescent bulbs or lamps in any public location that requires constant use. With a four-foot tube length, ET8-1140-2 covers a large area with only one tube as opposed to several bulbs. This cool white light variety is ideal for when a strong but relaxing and smooth light is needed.

 LED ET8-1150-2 is an alternative to conventional 54 Watt compact fluorescent lamps, is sold in twin packs available in both bright white and cool white variants, and can be easily installed into most new or existing lamp ballasts for easy replacement. Let this lamp light your home or business for only dollars a year, for years to come!

Key aspects:

– Shatter resistance
– 80 CRI (color rendering index)
– Free of mercury
– No delays with “Instant On”




Input Power 19W
Input Voltage
Lumen Output 
2200 lm
Center Beam 
1473 cd
Beam Angle 
Luminous Efficacy
115 lm/W
Power Factor
Input Current
0.1 A
G13 Adapter
Lamp Lifespan
50,000 hr lifespan
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