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LED Bulbs EP30-2050ew


This powerful, durable, and efficient long neck flood PAR30-class screw-in light bulb offers a more powerful beam for a fraction of the energy, and delivers a bright, focused cool white light that can be customized to your desired level of brightness. Advanced MCOB LED technology provides an unparalleled level of light uniformity, energy efficiency, and heat dissipation. A powerful 5000K CCT delivers an unparalleled level of smooth, clean light. The bulbs have an estimated lifetime of 25,000 hours and a three-year warranty, and are ideal for lighting any task or area where a focused light or spotlight is needed.

LED EP30-2050ew is an alternative to conventional 75 Watt incandescent bulbs and is compatible with most home light fixtures, making it an ideal choice for your spotlight needs. This bulb will provide you home or office with years of consistent the most powerful and consistent light you’ve ever experienced .

Key aspects:

– 90+ CRI (color rendering index)

– Free of mercury

– No delays with “Instant On”

– Shatter resistance

– Multiple options for dimming


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Input Power 11W
Input Voltage
Lumen Output 
800 lm
Center Beam 
1466 cd
Beam Angle 
Luminous Efficacy
72 lm/W
Power Factor
Input Current
0.09 A
E26 Adapter
Lamp Lifespan
25,000 hr lifespan
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